One Guitar



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4 Responses to One Guitar

  1. Pati says:

    Soooo glad you recorded that, Steve. Beautiful heart wrenching. Did you have anything in mind for lyrics?

    The photo is really great. I like the width. I’d like that blown up, matted, framed and hanging on my wall. So, artist by day, custodian in the evenings. I guess the one gives you time for the other.

    The Catskills were great. I’m strumming a bit, having fun. Making up silly little songs. Getting together with my friend Barbara this weekend, maybe playing a little bit. Halleluia for summer!

  2. isteve says:

    Hi pati, I put new strings on the guitar and wanted to here how they sound. It was late and thats what came out.

    I like the photo thing so much I’m thinking about getting a nice Digital SLR, just can’t decide on Nikon Canon or Pentax.

    We should get together and jam sometime before summers over.

    The site look will probably change again not rally happy with this one.

  3. Pati says:


    About the site: Maybe make it easy for people to comment on an individual song.

    Yeah we gotta record some more songs!

  4. leslie says:

    hi from DC! it’s hot here…

    ice job on the riff Steve. Hey, I heard some one note bass lines today (Rattlesnake Shake/Fleetwood Mac/John McVie)–early stuff) now that I can handle!
    would LOVE to jam again b4 I forget everything.

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