James Riff

I think this was what james was playing with the capo on the sixth fret. He was playing a G and a E form chord. I added a Am C Am D to round it out an put a quick lead over it.

James are you here?


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11 Responses to James Riff

  1. Pati says:

    Do you remember the name of this song?

  2. isteve says:

    No idea, don’t even know if he had a name yet.

  3. leslie says:

    I like ‘James Riff”

  4. Tolliemanj says:

    Hey guys… I had fun playing with you all the other night!! I was thinking about that and remembered that there is a web site… Thought I’d check it out. After a few tries found you…
    I tried to listen to “James Riff”, but my technology will not allow me to…(still “buffering”… whatever that means… I think it means… “not today, fella” “get a real computer”….)
    I look forward to checking it out on another computer sometime.
    The name of the song is “Short Ride to Bittertown”…
    I sat down with the purpose of writing a happy song… : )
    I guess not yet…
    I have another song, “Tin Foil Hat”, but it is not happy either. Although it was not supposed to be.

    I like this “reply” thing… I have had a glass of wine…I could do some damage…I think there is space for a lot of words here.

    Random things you may not know:
    I once held a Tasmanian Devil puppy in my arms…
    The dogwood is a very beautiful, yet most misunderstood of all trees…
    I am mistrustful of people who love mustard…
    (it can be overcome with time, but it is an effort)
    I love dogs, but somehow ended up with cats.
    Sorry Luke.
    Good kitty.
    I know how they get the little ship in a bottle…
    Can’t tell ya.
    I have a new roof on my house…
    It is beautiful.
    It is a work of art…
    It is the most expensive piece of art I own.
    The Packers play on Monday night football tomorrow. (8 pm eastern)
    The Aaron Rodgers era begins!!
    I bet he doesn’t go down until the second game…

    Anyway, when I start to talk Packers, I know I should stop talking…or writing… Unless you want me to continue… and then I could go all night…

    Remember… my house with its new roof and soon new paint job are available for band practice… Also, if people want to work up some songs for the PACE Easthampton open mic nights, I am up for practicing and then actually doing…
    Yep. It is in writing. No take backs.


  5. isteve says:

    The buffering problem is more your internet connection then the… well a newer computer wouldn’t hurt.

    I can make the file smaller and post a direct link that will help.

    I know a shortcut to bittertown.

  6. leslie says:

    I heard you say PACE…and no take backs. I’ll be in the audience with the camera.

  7. isteve says:

    link to james song for the bandwidth impaired

    [audio src="https://atticnoise.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/c-a-james1.mp3" /]

  8. Pati says:

    Wow, you really get going after a glass of wine. Wonder what a shot of Patron would do.

    I like the PACE idea. Is it a three song thing?

  9. Tolliemanj says:

    If I played at PACE would you bring up a shot of Patron????
    🙂 That was great… You and Leslie were in fine form for Dan Bern..
    He plays a lot in C…
    And still gets the girls…
    I do believe it is a 2-3 song thing at the PACE.
    But there can be different configurations…
    Like we could all play for 2 songs…
    Then some could step down and a couple could remain and do an acoustic set…
    Then all could step down and I could do interpretive dance…
    A lot depends on how many people are there to play…Some nights it is pretty full, some nights some people go up and play with many different people…
    I think I will go and watch tomorrow night. I know there is one NOHO at nine after. If I am really ambitious, I may see what the talent is like there.
    I am working on a happy song….
    It is about toast.
    I like toast.
    Or is it wood?
    I guess I like both.

    Thanks for the link Steve. I will try it as soon as I send this…

  10. Tolliemanj says:

    The link worked somewhat! Before, I heard nothing at all
    This time I heard snippets. I am heading into NOHO for a short while, maybe on my way back I will stop at school and give it a listen from there. What I was able to hear sounded really cool.
    I expected nothing less from our own “Guitar George”…

    n.b. Packers lost

  11. Pati says:

    I like toast too.

    The question about PACE is: do you want to do three songs of your creation James or do we pick three that we could all do really well together?

    As for me, I’d be happy sitting in the audience supporting you James, but It’d be fun to perform with Attic Noise and friends too. Maybe it’d be helpful to figure out which songs you’d like to perform and go from there. We’ll have to smuggle in the Patron, but sure, I’m sure a delivery could be arranged.

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