Randy The Hero



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5 Responses to Randy The Hero

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! Now, that’s music!!!

    Actually, there are things I really do like about both of these. The drums and leads on Randy crack me up… I had a group of 3rd graders dancing to this version of Randy the other day…( our target audience perhaps??)
    Any way to make it a bit “grittier” ? Maybe a longer stretch with the leads and go into something else for a bit… Sort of like a Randy jam/dance thing?

    I like parts of Hero too, but realize it is a bit too simple in the present form…. Anybody have any ideas for either one?


  2. artifact8 says:

    well- very nice I say.
    would like to get together again soon and JAM.

  3. artifact8 says:

    any interest in doing Fall by Darling Buds?

  4. isteve says:

    What’s a Darling Buds?

  5. artifact8 says:

    you know Darling Buds, don’t be cute!

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