Recording at the School

I just remembered that saturday afternoon I’m supposed to be meeting old friends in Connecticut for lunch. The drummer Paul is going also. Sorry about this. Can we make it for sunday or next weekend instead?

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19 Responses to Recording at the School

  1. guitar student says:

    I think I am free on sunday…

  2. Andrew says:

    I can make it Sunday, where do you want us to meet? Norris?

  3. isteve says:

    Great, we’ll use the music room. Just come in through the side door of the music room. I’ll get there a little before 1 to unlock the door.

  4. drummer says:

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN OLD? Sunday is fine.

  5. guitar student says:

    Yep, I can make it. See ya there!

  6. isteve says:

    Ok, kind of fixed the old part in the post 😉

    Not sure how long it will take maybe two or three hours. Trust me as soon as the record button gets pushed the mistakes happen. So not sure if you want to set a firm time to get picked up or just call for a ride when we’re done.

  7. guitar student says:

    I’ll probably just call.

  8. drummer says:

    I can’t drum under pressure!

  9. guitar student says:

    lol, so are we planning on Sunday @ around 1???

  10. isteve says:

    Yep… 1 Sunday.

  11. guitar student says:

    OK, see ya there.

    Have fun at you’re lunch. 😀

  12. Andrew says:

    Ok, I’ll be there.

  13. guitar student says:

    Still workin’ on my lead…got a start to it.

    Steve, I’ve got a portable DVD player that won’t read discs when I put em’ in, would you mind taking a look at it sometime? thx

  14. Andrew says:

    If you get this b4 1 or whenever, would you be able to look at my brothers camera? I was using to make a video of our bridge smashing and it said lense error. I think it’s the motor but im not completely sure.
    Thanks! =-)

  15. isteve says:

    Andrew, cameras are almost impossible to fix without special tools. But some times it’s just matter of resetting the defaults on the camera. Do a goggle search for the cameras name and model number and lens error if there are any error numbers put those in also. With some cameras all you have to do is hold down a few buttons, some have firmware updates that you download and put on the cameras memory card and the camera will ask if you want to install them. If it is the motor for the lens thats bad then the only thing to do is bring it for repair.

  16. guitar student says:

    Do you want me to bring my amp??????

  17. isteve says:

    One of you needs to bring a amp the other can use my Vox that is already there. We will most likely just use them for practicing the song before recording.

  18. guitar student says:

    Ok, thx 🙂

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