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You Go Girl

I bumped this post up to keep on the front page just a little longer. Nothing to say just watch.

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A Little Loopy

I got a cool little Boss loop pedal. This thing is great for learning songs. This morning I heard the Seether cover of the old Wham song Careless Whisper and the intro part was stuck in my head. Just had … Continue reading

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Test Test

Just testing the video on my tiny Casio camera. I think this was 16:9 setting probably higher then I need here. Going to give the VGA setting a try next. Heres the VGA setting Wow, I was just watching these … Continue reading

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Same Song?

Messing around with garageband when I got a idea to make two songs with the same chords somewhat the same lead and make them sound very different. Oh yea and one is faster. And

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Talent Show

Well, tonight was the big night. The annual talent show, and if I may say so myself the teachers rocked the house. It was an amazing night, and it will stick for a long time. Videos might be posted later.

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Who Knew

Well for the last few weeks I’ve been posting videos here. I have been uploading them to WordPress and WordPress converts them to flash and well it works great and is real easy. Anyway I got a email from wordpress … Continue reading

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Record Time

So just wondering if we are going to record a few more songs before summer. Maybe Paul and I could set up at the great James studio and lay down some tracks some weekend. I think it would be cool … Continue reading

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