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She’s not really Bored

Changed things a bit, like one better?

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Friday Friday Friday

So who what when for friday? 1pm is lindsay no lauren, 2pm savannah no andrew. Savannah how long you staying? email me or leave a message here friday to remind me to bring the Midi keyboard. btw thats the keyboard … Continue reading

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The Marshall

Rainy day today so I dragged out my 1972 Marshall 100 watt Super Lead. This thing sounds unbelievable with everything from AC/DC crunch, Hendrix powerful presents to a sweet soulful warmth and sustain. The only bad part is this thing … Continue reading

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Next Friday

So next friday we’re missing guitarboy, Mad can come but it would have to be late. So wondering what others schedule look like. Also wondering if Carly would be willing to do some singing if we have a little more … Continue reading

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Are We Running

So my plan to work on my jeep tonight seems to be postponed by rain. So I thought I’d play around with “running”. Instead of changing savannah’s tracks I just made some new ones to see what you think of … Continue reading

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Let’s Breath

I was thinking we should play Breath from Anna Nalick. I know Maddie already knows the words “well all but one verse anyway”. The chords are A G D A Prechorus Bm D A E chorus G D A The … Continue reading

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Nice job on Colliding

So we play collide and it sounded good… the singer leaves for forty minutes we play collide again it sounds great! Nice job Lauren and wow Carly don’t know what you taught her but wow. We got another one next … Continue reading

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