Are We Running

So my plan to work on my jeep tonight seems to be postponed by rain. So I thought I’d play around with “running”.
Instead of changing savannah’s tracks I just made some new ones to see what you think of the transitions between verse/chorus.
Here is a quick recording

If you have time savannah maybe you could record guitar for the whole song and post it. Also maybe post the lyrics you have.

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3 Responses to Are We Running

  1. isteve says:

    Oh yea sguitar really good job playing breath. It’s a really tricky song to play because of the 6/8 timing. Your really becoming a good guitarist.

  2. wait what song is this like who wrote? here i go again im confused!!!!!!

  3. isteve says:

    it’s me playing something close (as i could remember) to what savannah wrote. of course it changes all the time

    i hope that doesn’t make lauren even more confused

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