She’s not really Bored

Changed things a bit, like one better?

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21 Responses to She’s not really Bored

  1. thank you steve for putting it up!!!!!! love the picture!!!!!!!!! my sisters love the song it didnt make them bored…………

    here we are interviewing olivia my sister about the song…………

    What did you like olivia? she liked the music! (nice job steve!)

    now sophie with the same question………
    sophie liked the echo of the singers voice.

    THANK YOU STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sophie also liked how you faded the music in the end!

  3. isteve says:

    Sounds like you have a fan club

  4. lauren :) says:

    you got it…… now ive got my sisters and nieghbor singing it out side for hours to be honest its starting to get annoying ( there not the best at singing its mostly yelling in the front yard).

  5. isteve says:

    could be worse… i guess maybe you need to write another song

  6. lauren :) says:

    i guess so…. ill think of something.. actually how bout we try to piece all the lyrics to “the song” and see if it works out.

  7. umm well the second seems a tiny bit to echoing thats all. the wrest of it awesome especialy the guitar solo did you play cause it was cool and good! the second song can still be echoing just maybe not as much but i like both the first and second, the second one seems like more outgoing i like it . cause its like me outgoing!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY and hard to make mad! 🙂 🙂 thanks!!

  8. isteve says:

    maybe we can get savannah to record the guitar and get your vocals before summer is over

    if you want to record another song sometime you could just sing collide or second chance or whatever you would like.

  9. sguitar says:

    where did u get the pic??

  10. isteve says:

    Well i could tell you i drew it myself or made it with photoshop but…. google image search for bored

  11. sguitar says:

    i just realized that that would make like a good opening song for a tv show… you know after the first scene they like show the credits lol yeah…

  12. sguitar says:

    what kind of mic did you use???? lol did u use a pop filter???

  13. isteve says:

    Shure SM58 mic belongs to the school, no pop filter although i had one with me.

    when i listened to the song all i thought of was “sounds like a show on disney channel”

  14. sguitar says:

    yeah thats what i was thinking

  15. sguitar says:

    were still on for tomorrow right

  16. isteve says:

    i be here same time same place

  17. i think i can sing the song thaat we did at this lesson

  18. leslie says:

    you might be bored of this song, but I am hearing it for the first time and like it! I agree, it would be a great intro to a show of groovy 21st century kids being bored, but then getting into real life issues they have to sort through and deal with. you should write a pilot!

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