Could Use Some Guitar

need guitar

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4 Responses to need guitar

  1. sguitar says:

    how do i get it into garageband from a link???????????? lol i seem to be asking a lot of question lately. hmmmmmm lol i guess that’s never a bad thing

  2. isteve says:

    just right click/command click on the file above and choose Save Linked File As and save it to your desktop. then open garageband and drag it into the arrange area the middle part that the tracks live. drop it in an it should make it’s own track.

    asking questions is the fastest way to learn something.

  3. sguitar says:

    right. why i didn’t think of that i dont know. my brain is still in sleep mode

  4. isteve says:


    whenever your need to do anything on a mac try the command key. command N , command T, command A…P…. C…..V goes on for ever then comes the command shift shortcuts, my favorite is option shift K 

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