Calling All Drummers

We’re jamming at Joe’s place monday high noon, that would be Labor Day the day we don’t labor hmmm. Inviting anyone I even asked Mike F. hahahaha. Leave a comment if you can make it.

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7 Responses to Calling All Drummers

  1. lauren says:

    is it only for drummers.

  2. isteve says:

    no just wanted paul to see this. Mr. M (joe) asked if i wanted to do some jammin monday at his house, can’t jam without a drummer so got to get paul. he joe bought a new accordion btw sure seems like everyones getting new instruments.

  3. sguitar says:

    how about u

  4. drummer says:

    I can make it, no problem! Monday NOON

  5. isteve says:

    lol, always wanted a semi-hollowbody… hmmm

    “lindsay saved about $100 she thinks her dad will match that”

    paul, that’s high noon partner

  6. lauren says:

    wait at the school?

  7. isteve says:

    no at Mr M’s house. if you and savannah ever have free time on a weekend let me know i’ll get paul and a few others together and we can jam at the school.

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