New Guitar Coming


So I ordered a Fender Telecoustic. Actually ordered it a week ago not sure when I’ll get it not even sure when it will ship. The retail price is $370 most places sell it for $249. I was able to order one for $149. It was cheap because it is old stock and a unpopular color, dark walnut. Musician Friend said it will ship this week. I’ll post a picture when I get it and post some recordings.

BTW the guitar on the left is the guitar I ordered… well I think it is. Well it is, just not sure if it’s the color.

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24 Responses to New Guitar Coming

  1. Gail P says:

    Just curious here guitar man.
    How many guitars do you own?

  2. isteve says:

    The answer to that is usually “not enough”. But when this one arrives it will be eight guitars and a bass. Not to bad seeing that two of them I got in 1980, two others were given to me, one I got from bob for $25, one was a ebay bargain and the last one is a real nice acoustic.

  3. sguitar says:

    so i have to do an oral report in science on how something works. i was thinking i would do something along the lines of a soundcard or something….but i need an expert to help me with my research. if u have a something better tell me.

    *bends down on one knee, mr. steve silva……will you be my expert?” lol haha

  4. isteve says:

    nothing i’d like more then to help you, soundcard is doable how geeky do you need to get? so you thinking internal soundcard or external like your personus inspire interface…well they are pretty much the same thing just one is more expensive

  5. sguitar says:

    thanks!! um pretty geeky. like explain how the whole thing works. how it get the notes from the guitar to the soundcard and into the computer the parts. lol. i was thinking presonus soundcard.

  6. isteve says:

    cooool so when is the report due and when are you free

  7. sguitar says:

    the 22. and mab sunday. i have a practice at norris that might be good

  8. isteve says:

    time? i’m jamming with paul james and pati at 4

  9. sguitar says:

    sorry i missed it, my practice was at 4:30. i’ll do some research until i see you.

  10. sguitar says:

    what is the other name for a soundcard?/ the real name, cuz when im googeling?, googling? it its coming up with the soundcard in your computer

  11. isteve says:

    when they are outside they call them a audio interface. probably also want to google analog to digital conversion you’ll find it called AtoD, A2D ADC. there are many parts to the interface starting with pre-amps the A to D converter and the usb or firewire interface.

    you also may want to research audio bitrate, binary and digital to audio conversion.

    oh yea they call them soundcards because originally they came on a pci card.

    oh and happy birthday

    *Start here*
    *and this*
    *maybe this*

    i also may have a old soundcard somewhere if you want it

  12. isteve says:

    and savannah i’m at the school till 9pm every night and there is a half day friday and a three day weekend if you’re free and want to meet let me know

  13. sguitar says:

    i also need to learn more about how it converts the music from the instrument, and how it gets from the instrument to the comp.

  14. isteve says:


    it’s actually simple how it works explaining it is the hard part. it’s just waves of electrical pulses from guitar getting amplified to a predetermined level then the converter takes like a snapshot of a short amount of sound like 1000’s of a second and giving it numbers that describe that sound. wait we need to talk this is confusing.

    example > you say “hi” that is analog i type (savanna says “hi”) into the computer we just did A to D conversion.

    now i send you a message that says savannah say “hi” you then say “hi” we just did D to A conversion.

  15. lauren says:

    hey steve what part of the gutiar do you want to do next cause ill start researching it ahead of time.

  16. isteve says:

    well theres still the truss rod that goes through the neck and the tone control

  17. lauren says:

    ill do the truss rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks steve.

  18. sguitar says:

    just to let u know the oral report has to be at least 10 minutes long. i’ll just keep collecting info

  19. isteve says:

    yea i know lauren told me. do you get to demonstrate the interface?

  20. sguitar says:

    idk.. lol can i come to the school tomorrow? after school

  21. isteve says:

    Sure I’ll be there 11am to 7pm anytime is good.

  22. sguitar says:

    ok i’ll be there around 12:30 i have to leave by like 2:15 cuz ihave a game at the school and i have to be up there by 2:30. do u wnat me to bring the mac so u can put the new os x on it?????

  23. isteve says:

    i’ll meet you at the back door by the dumpster.

    sure plenty of time to install os x 10.6

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