Two Not One Hit Wonder

Lauren wrote another great song you know a 12 you don’t want to be just a one hit wonder. Anyway I recorded this on my handy little zoom recorder ran it through garageband quickly. I didn’t ask the name so for posting purposes I called it One Not Two.

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16 Responses to Two Not One Hit Wonder

  1. Omg that was awesomee greatjob lauren =]=]=]

  2. heyy Steve I miss you and charlie!! got any candy its Halloween=]=]oh yah doesnt matter tht its halloween u always hve it!!!!!!!!<3missyouuuuuu i am going to visit you Men some timee=]=]

    From RoseBud & lauren aldrich

  3. Hey
    Great song … again!
    We may be organizing another Benefit Concert for early December. Will you guys be ready to rock the house, if we do it?

  4. sguitar says:

    what time are we meeting today

  5. isteve says:

    I’m already here everyone else will be here around 2

  6. sguitar says:

    i’lll be there in a few. i have to leave at like 2:45 3 bcuz i have to go somewhere.

  7. sguitar says:

    can i borrow a chord again?? haha band is taking me over

  8. isteve says:

    have plenty to go around

  9. sguitar says:

    after i take a pic in photobooth is quits. not all of the time but for the first few pics i take it does. is it because i have downloaded so many effects?? i have like 15 pages of them

  10. sguitar says:

    it doesn’t always happen though

  11. isteve says:

    probably just one of the effects, could be one of the last ones you used.

    not much you can do other then try to figure out if it happens after you use a certain effect. would’t hurt to trash the photobooth .plist file found in your preferences folder.

  12. sguitar says:

    so i changed it to open in 32 bit like the directions said and its still quitting so i can’t use any effects basically besides those on the same page

  13. isteve says:

    try using the effects in a different account see if it works.

    download OnyX run the maintenance scripts can take a long time

    apple will have a os update this month it’s going to fix a lot of bugs

  14. Pati says:

    Lauren, your lyrics make me feel very happy! Nice bit of writing there!

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