So next weekend at the school anybody? We can do saturday evening or sometime sunday. I’m going to check to see who will be singing and make a playlist depending on who can make it.

If you would like to play check  your schedule and leave a comment soon.

Homer garage

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12 Responses to Jam?

  1. sguitar says:

    i have bball at twelve and my mom is working, annnd i have a bunch of hw. so i probably can’t make it. but maybe next weekend?? oh yeah annd im going to the mall. somehow i have to write and essay solve 10 word problems, label a map of asia (with physical feature lol) and write a science paper today. 😀 😀

  2. isteve says:

    way to nice out today to be inside. i’m going to make plans for next weekend going to try to get carly and mia to show up.

  3. sguitar says:

    your plastic cutter things are on backorder, but they will be in soon.

  4. isteve says:

    i also ordered a fender tele/strat acoustic gigbag for my new guitar and it’s on backorder. last week i ordered new special tubes for my peavey classic 30 amp and guess what?

  5. Diane says:

    Hi Steve, if you are on, can you email me? School account or home if it shows up in this.



  6. isteve says:

    I’m giving lauren a lesson saturday at 1 and lindsay a lesson on wednesday at 3. If anyone would like to get together and play a little around these times let me know. I could probably get carly to sing wednesday.

  7. sguitar says:

    haha i figured out the pink panther theme song on drums, piano, and guitar yesterday. i guess i have time on my hands to jam

  8. isteve says:

    what time would be good, i’ll track down some singers monday


  9. lauren says:

    Ill check my schedule. For Wed.

  10. lauren SORRY says:

    sorry i couldnt go i had to do MEGA cleaning in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. isteve says:

    not a problem didn’t hear from anyone else so did’t bother asking singers… well other then you.

    also gave lindsay a extra long lesson and let her play lead for a while. i thing next lesson going to record her and post it. she’s doing great she’ll be almost savannah good by next year 🙂

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