Come Out And Play

So wondering anyone want to play. I need to know if drummer and a guitar player can make it then I’ll invite some singers.

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14 Responses to Come Out And Play

  1. jen says:

    is that Betty?

  2. sguitar says:

    sure. saturdays are best.

  3. isteve says:

    Jen, no it’s a ibanez i got from ebay i still have the sg but don’t use it much. we going to the cat sometime?

    sguitar, best time on saturday for you? i’ll ask carly and pati to sing. guessing you made JV

  4. isteve says:

    pati said she may be able to make it late afternoon. I asked james and joe both are definitely maybes. I invited carly and lauren should be there. Leslie may also show up.

    We need a loose playlist any ideas?

  5. drummer says:

    Available either day.

  6. isteve says:

    saturday afternoon, me thinks kevin may stop in with some sax. also there may be a benefit concert next month anyone want to perform???

  7. drummer says:

    what time?

  8. isteve says:

    Not sure if we will be in music room or joe’s, depends on how many show up. Joe has a PA set up but music has more room.

  9. aguitar says:

    agh. im almost set to get my itouch. i need a mac after. no of any good deals?

  10. isteve says:

    Andrew check out this multi track recording on your ipod touch.

    Also look at high quality mic works with the multitrack software. I seen Mikey going for under $50. Also someone makes a cable that connects your guitar to the ipod and has headphones so you can record directly to the ipod.

    Also if you can wait a couple weeks Apple has a press event on the 26 of this month, may be some updates to the ipod touch /iphones

    Do some surfing you’ll find lots of recording apps and tons of mics, mixers, cables and amps that use ipod as the brains.

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