School Concert

Mr. H said student council is planning a benefit concert for the second week of february, probably the 10th. So looking for a few musicians. Paul I already scheduled you for drums. I’m hoping to get carly to sing lead. Hows “what about carly” for a band name… well if she will do it.

If you want to play you have to be able to make a few practices. I’m thinking about sundays but this will depend greatly on the singer.

Anybody want to meet this sunday for a hour or two to make a list of possible songs and do a little jaming.

I would like to get Carly to sing lead, Lauren to do backup and maybe lead on collide, would like two guitars me being one and a bass player. Not sure who to get on bass matt and leslie seem busy these days mike f would be great but not much chance of that. I’ll ask kevin but I would guess he’s playing with his old bandmates and running the show, he may be a little to busy.

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14 Responses to School Concert

  1. Hey guys
    I might play a song or two on my guitar, but I could jam on some bass, if you need it and can get me some notes to play. My band is kaput so I am on my own. Steve, Danny S from my class wants to sing a few songs, so maybe you and I (or you) could accompany him?

  2. isteve says:

    Great, I got a 80’s Aria pro II you can use. It’s a bit beat up but sounds and plays really well. I paid $80 for it so you don’t have to worry about scratching it… or dropping it down stairs. Don’t be surprised if it finds it’s way into your classroom over the weekend.

  3. sguitar says:

    sounds fun. i still have the stuff you ordered from my fundraiser stuff. and some other stuff… 🙂

  4. isteve says:

    hi savvy like your avatar, do you want play some guitar with us?

  5. isteve says:

    oh i could have used that package cutter thing christmas, nearly cut off a finger trying to open a blister-packed gift 😉

  6. drummer says:

    I’m available whenever.

  7. drummer says:

    Ha! I like my monster.

  8. isteve says:

    Going to try for a late sunday afternoon jam so we can choose songs and see about arrangements. We’re working on the power amp for the pa so the stage should be all set for jammin.

  9. isteve says:

    Shouldn’t you be at work?

  10. drummer says:

    day off

  11. isteve says:

    Got a email from Carlie no “y”. Looks like we may have a singer.

    Possible songs. Fireflies, Collide, Lauren could sing the song they wrote in the summer “The Song”. I wouldn’t mind doing All For You from Sister Hazel, easy song and I like playing the lead. Any other ideas?

    Savannah want to play?

    Can anyone make a practice sunday late afternoon? No school Monday.

  12. lauren says:

    ill do the concert too if you need me………….

  13. isteve says:

    I was planning on you singing “the song”

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