List for Change

Just doing a quick list for wednesday night.

1. Loan kevin a black bass strap, ben and stacy had some choice comments about the rainbow one.
2. Paul would you like to bring your kit in tuesday night and setup?

3.Kevin, ben and mike are using acoustic/electric we can use them for 2 cups of tea.

4. Savannah are you using my Vox amp?

5. Lauren I got a question… ok I don’t really just wanted to write that.

6. We should be there for 5pm wednesday to do a sound check.

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10 Responses to List for Change

  1. drummer says:

    Sure that’s a good idea. How’s around 5:30 sound? What happens if it SNOWS Wednesday?

  2. isteve says:

    Not sure what happens maybe be postponed.

    So can you play lucky and upside down well enough so you can just play it without practicing. It’s pretty easy for me as long as I keep hitting string in the right key i’m fine.

    5:30 is good.

  3. sguitar says:

    what happens if there’s no school, but it doesn’t snow??

  4. sguitar says:

    btw, the computer is making a weird noise whenever i pick it up.

  5. sguitar says:

    and yeah i’ll use your amp.

  6. isteve says:

    The show is canceled for tonight it will be rescheduled for another day.

    What kind of noise???

  7. drummer says:

    Some snow storm!! well now we can practice more. I’ll p/u my drums on thurs evening

  8. isteve says:

    Maybe we could even practice with mike ben and stacy… wonder if thats a good thing.

    As soon as we get a new date we can plan on another practice. If anyone wants to just get together and jam over the vacation next week let me know.

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