what about carlie

Here they are. What to thank lindsay for recording.

To watch on ipod touch/iphone



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6 Responses to what about carlie

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  2. ms d. says:

    way to go–I am impressed!

  3. Jim399 says:

    Great Job!!!

    Nice work all the way around. I hope these entities can and will collaborate more in the future.

    Good stuff…

    Thanks for all the support and efforts Steve!

    Thanks & Kudos to Carlie for the openness to work with the youngsters too…

  4. drummer says:

    D’oh, forgot a whole verse of Hourglass! Of course we stopped like we were supposed to. Sounded great!

  5. isteve says:

    Jim I really enjoy working with the kids they just amaze me with there talent and fearlessness if front of a crowd.

    And I agree Carlie is just great for using her time and talent this way. But I think she enjoys it also.

    Drummer, noticed that when we played it, i was looking around and everyone else was ending it so… worked out just fine.

    • Jim399 says:

      Working… Implies continuum…

      I absolutely want you to pester/petition Savannah to join-in/work-with whatever projects you’ve got going on, any time!

      I truly appreciate all of your time and efforts too! I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for all you have done and do for us!

      I look forward to the next project Savannah gets to participate in with you all!

      My hat’s off…

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