unleash your inner cougar

So lauren is that the right title?
Check out this drummer.

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34 Responses to unleash your inner cougar

  1. Cows taste like chicken says:

    wrote a song…….. Hope u like It!!!

    the title: No ones Perfect, But Ill be!

    People r people so dont expect me to be perfect.
    Ill do my best but even the touoghest need rest.
    thebrook where the little fish even has its flaws.
    the great ball of fire even has a dull spot.
    So Dont Let My IMPERFECTNESS Make ur Smile Rot.

    Dont let ur glow die,
    dont let ur smile die,
    dont let ur heart rot,
    because it all u got.
    Ill try, Ill try,
    Ill reach has high as the sky to reach my goal
    I still have hope Ill be perfect to make you happy.

    No ones perfect, not even the cougar,
    the shark who lurks in the shadows isnt perfect
    But Ill try, cause Ive got one thing that not everyone has under this blue blanket of a sky,
    A heart… thats ready to fight for the impossible!


    It might not be now,
    But itll happen some time in my lifetime,
    Ill capture perfect,
    Ill swim it down like the shark,
    Ill hunt it down like the cougar,
    And Ill Bring you Back the Prey,

    Final line (Not included in chorus)
    Because I have a heart bigger than the whole world.

  2. Cows taste like chicken says:

    sry misspelling on toughest. 🙂

  3. isteve says:

    That was fast. Don’t worry about misspelling no ones perfect 😉

    I like the song just not the “rot” it’s a ugly word. You rock!

  4. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Heres a little song Id sing in a broadway voice, I know this isnt ur kinda jam but I could make it.
    Its just funny thats all!
    title: A tomboy Life
    Minus the A oh please, minus the A oh please!
    OOOOHHHHH I cant stand izzebella
    It kinda sounds to much like cinderella
    And thats not right if ur a tomboy
    Because thats not what tomboys like!

    SOoooooooo minus the A and have izzabelle
    minus the A and have izzabelle
    and then it wont sound to much like Cin-der-ella!

    Verse 2: Changes to rock.

    Cause tomboys dont wear ribbons instead we wear caps.
    dont even think about a skirt, all we wear is t-shirts.
    no flip flops for ME, ill stick to my dirty sneaks.
    no nail polish, no nail filers, just sneaks and my t-shirt.
    and instead of a smile… a smirk!


    So now do u see my problem with my name
    it just dont fit my character.. Oh Izzabellaaa
    Its a catastophe to me but a shrug to my mom.
    They just dont get my extreme prob.
    so now I have a new name and it is….BOB!

  5. isteve says:

    Lol I can just picture you running around your house singing in a broadway voice.

  6. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    totally huh!

  7. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Heres another song still fixing though. Its short but I like it. ***** tell me if you like it. “””””’ that means echo.
    Song title: A greeting to a plant.

    Hello there””””””
    Hello there”””””‘
    How do you do?
    this is the greatest day to spend with you
    flowers are bloomin
    the grass is green
    The sky is as blue as it can be.
    were walkin and a talkin through the park
    were enjoying coffee while listening to the birds hum
    were at a park bench watching the sun set.

    Cause this is the greatest day to spend with you.

    Children are smilin and laughing away
    and we watch them play and enjoy every minute
    till the sun dies down and theres nothing left but stars in the sky
    cause it was the best time of my life.

    cause it was the greatest day to spend with you.

  8. isteve says:

    Hey coconuts taste like cow, really impressed with your recent song writing blitz. It’s amazing how you can just turn it on. A greeting to plant is real sweet really captured a feeling.

    I still like the first line from the what if Z came before A song.

    Great job, u rock

  9. Tanyaisinnocent says:

    Love the drummer. I think this could be Paul if we slipped him some Red Bulls. Let’s try it next time.

  10. isteve says:

    Well maybe a couple of red bulls 😉

  11. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Thanks 🙂 .

    Heres a verse for Z,.

    If Z comes before A
    I know Im gonna have a rough day
    Things just arent gonna go right
    and Im gonna have nightmares at night.

    Hope you like it! 🙂

  12. drummer says:

    It’s gonna take more than red bulls!

  13. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Maybe a couple pixie stix and 3 monsters and a mug of root beer just might do the trick! Or a medicine that causes seizers!I wrote a song.
    Title to song: Steve spelled with a Z.
    Dedicated to: Guess who???? Stevo. 🙂

    If Z comes before A
    I know im gonna have a rough day
    things just arent gonna go right
    Im gonna get night mares at night.
    Cause this stuff just isnt normal
    you dont here about every day
    it just isnt how are world works
    it just isnt how we play the game

    You might think im exaggerating,
    but Im not
    cause if Z can come before A
    Flowers are gonna think they can bloom any day

    Cause this stuff just isnt normal
    you dont here about every day
    it just isnt how are world works
    it just isnt how we play the game

    the sun would come up when the moon was supposed to.
    people would think they were a hundred when they were two
    Plants would bloom in the winter instead of the summer
    This whole world would be a disaster!


    It would be crazy day every day…… YYYEEAAHHH.

  14. isteve says:

    hey lauren-zo what time on fridays will be good for you this summer???

  15. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Ill check tonight and get back to you. Did you like the song?????????

  16. isteve says:

    of course i did can’t wait till we start putting words to music.

  17. chicken taste like coconuts. says:

    Sry something came up can we move music to sunday??? 🙂

  18. isteve says:

    I think i’m busy Sunday.

  19. Im happy! says:

    Kk well Ive been practicing alot so do you wanna just go next weekend?? Also I told andrew about the friday thing thats over the summer he said he might do it even though he quit. Im in on the friday thing.

  20. isteve says:

    kk back at ya, I’m thinking fridays around noon or one should be fun

  21. One song comin up! says:

    I wrote another song…. A long time ago I tried to write a soccer song and it didnt work out well I made one! Not a serious song but I think it would be a good one to jam too and ive got a tune lyric wise :). The verses are long but a rocky tune. I wrote some singing tunes in. wrote in some musician acts. Ireally like this song cause its funny so my opinion this is gonna be our first jam song.

    Title:Super kid
    Dedicated to: Tom (Dad)


    I am capable of anything
    i can do everything (Everything is a slide for the singer.)
    If its touching the clouds to taking a step.
    Because im superkid
    Im the new batwoman
    Im the new superman
    Im the wonderwoman from southampton.

    Never say never
    cause that word doesnt even exist to me
    so never say never
    cause i made that word history.

    GUITAR SOLO ( Remember we’re talkin hard core rock here :))


    I put on a show to the world
    I let my skill shine ( Shine is a slide for the singer)
    I made em regret tellen me to come back next time
    Cause Im the new mia hamm
    Im the new improved landin donavon.
    Im the extended michell akers
    How much better could it get.
    ……..Oh yeah Im super kid


    Drum roll……….


  22. isteve says:

    I edited your post I don’t like to use last names on the blog. Even though I don’t publish this to search engines and the visitors are all friends always good idea to stay with first names or handles.

    We should have plenty of song to work with, you really do a great job.

    U Rock

  23. One song comin up! says:

    sry and thanx! 🙂

    Guess what I made varsity track!!!

  24. isteve says:

    Wow super sweet, congratulations

  25. One song comin up! says:

    Thanks.. This weekend I have the state cup and i really want to go to music. So I was wandering if it could be at 2:00 and if not 1:00?

  26. isteve says:

    I’m going for a long motorcycle ride in the afternoon. But i’ll be free anytime Sunday.

  27. soccerfreak/guitarfreak says:

    is twelve on saturday still ok cause my parents said I can still make t after i sent the other email?????? if not i can change it to some thing on sunday. (maybe cause thats the state cup finals.) Hopefully I can do it on sunday if u cant do the normal time on saturday :@

  28. isteve says:

    12 on Saturday is good i’m meeting my friends at 1:30 to go motorcycling. And anytime sunday is good also.

  29. soccerfreak/guitarfreak says:

    ok i guess will do the normal time. 🙂

  30. isteve says:

    So after all this we’ll do Sunday at one

  31. I got a plan says:

    umm theres a problem….. If I win tomorrow my western team are in the finals at 1:15. So can I call you tomorrow and if we win ummm I wont be able to make music. Oh wait if my team wins we could maybe have music on one of the weekdays?? Upo to u. But Ill give you a ring on your cell tomorrow to sort stuff out.

  32. isteve says:

    I’ll still be at the school with jaylynn either way so no biggie and we have the whole summer.

    Good luck!

  33. jayjayrox says:

    OMG im soooooo sorry Steve. I had the Relay For Life Cancer thing on Friday and Saturday and I ended up sleeping over my aunts house and when I got there I though “CRAP, I HAVE LESSONS WITH STEVE AT NOON NO NO NO, I FORGOT” Im sorry i left you there, you probly had everything set up and stuff. Well sorry see you on Monday.

  34. isteve says:

    thats ok, lauren came and we changed her strings and messed around with songs. I’ll give you my cell number so you can always call me in the future.

    my bass is at the school, think i’ll leave it there for the summer so you don’t need to bring yours. this may be good for your mom so you can just bike to lessons and she won’t have to drive you.

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