So Whats up

Another school year is over so time to make music. I was thinking we start with recording some songs. I’d like to redo collide with acoustic guitar and jay on bass. Are there any songs you guys would like to record? We also will try to write and record one or two originals.

Now we need times, friday afternoons before the air conditioning turns off in Mr. H’s room would be best. I’m not sure who will be making music this summer I know jay and lauren and I think I’ll be giving lessons to row and her dad, we will get them to play on a recording also.

I also am pretty sure we may be able to get some guest appearances from some talented school staff. Anyway it will be fun and maybe we can make a video of a song and put it up here or youtube.

What do you guys think?

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15 Responses to So Whats up

  1. Anonymous says:

    R we having music this friday.

    wrote a new song………..not

    just playin around

    my cousins are idiots
    they dont got brains
    there good at drivin me insane
    dont be jealous
    cause they just arent marvelous

    They represent us all
    weve all got some downfalls
    so remember that next time.
    when someone doesnt do somethin right

  2. isteve says:

    I’m working till 3 Friday and will be giving jay a bass lesson. But starting next Friday we will be doing the 1 o’clock jam. If you want to stop by this Friday at 3 you can but we will make you sing paparazzi.

  3. I got a plan says:

    ummm i have something at five but other than that i should be ok.

  4. isteve says:

    kk i’m printing the words to the gaga tune

  5. glitch:( says:

    stevo I was wandering i ummmm have a problem to the jamm thimg im reall sry but I cant make it I really want to go but i have to babysit my sisters. 😦 But the part is yours you get to sing paparazzi. Thats the good news……..for me. 🙂


  6. isteve says:

    LOL very funny 🙂 jay learned the song real quick and we sounded pretty good but no one sang. i think you could do a real good job with paparazzi


  7. glitch:( says:

    I was wandering r we still doing satudays or just fridays??? sry im just a little confused.

  8. glitch:( says:

    cows taste like pineapple.

  9. isteve says:

    just fridays

    pineapples… maybe pigs but not cow

  10. glitch:( says:

    k k

  11. jayjayrox says:

    Sorry Steve I can’t make it on friday because i am in cape cod. Could we reschedule to sunday?

  12. isteve says:

    Sure what time?

  13. glitch:( says:

    wait so now its on sunday??????????? Im confused

  14. isteve says:

    no it’s friday unless your name is jaylynn and will be at the cape and don’t want to let a week go by without playing.

  15. glitch:( says:

    what time? Im not at home today so I dont have a ride Ive been practicing but I cant make it.

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