James Jam

Hi James,

We should do some jamming before you head west. Got any free time next weeK? Anyone else?

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  1. isteve says:

    I’m in… anyone else?

  2. lauren says:

    Sorry I actually can make it…..I’ll be there around 1:00 today. Please let me know if anything changes.

  3. isteve says:

    I’ll see you at 1 today.

  4. laurenzo says:

    coolio whos gonna be there.

  5. isteve says:

    don’t know jay is at the cape, haven’t heard from savannah and not sure if rowan was starting this week or next.

  6. Everyone read!! says:

    Also i wrote another song. Its like a huge metaphor. 🙂 This one I like! sry its not the happiest song ever.

    Title: A stereo and a plant.
    Dedicated to: anonymous ( sry I probably shouldnt say who:) )

    Verse #1
    I had a dream and I was floating on the waves.
    Way back when I wasnt brave.
    I didnt live my life smart.
    I didnt live it to its driest part.
    I depended on someone else other than myself.
    I wasnt indepent and look were I went.

    Chorus:( Rocky quick pace)

    I was going and going and then I fell. x2

    Verse #2
    and Thats how easy it is
    from good to bad
    from happy to sad.
    I wasnt independent I went with the pack
    and now im alone and that is that.
    im back to where I started.

    I was going and going and then I fell. x2

    I was haven it great and now Im haven my worst days
    cause the waves decided to float away.
    I didnt stand alone
    and now im back to the day one
    stuff just isnt fun no more.
    one bad desicion sent my life below the floor


    Then i fell fell fell fell…………. Fades away.

  7. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Steve,

    Been gone for a couple days and meant to e-mail you before I left…. Would love to get together this coming week if you have a chance. Joe said he could play some evenings only if around 8:00 or so… Is that too late for Paul during the week? Or maybe we could start earlier and Joe could join us later ???

    Just got a message from Patti re playing at a cook out. Are you going to play at that?


  8. isteve says:

    I’m going to try and make it to pati’s don’t know if I will.
    Let’s see whats best for Paul.

  9. Pati says:

    You guys missed a good time!

  10. Pati says:

    Soooo, what night? It’s going to be in the hundreds this week. James, do you have AC?

  11. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Pati,

    Sorry to miss the bash. Thought it too hot out for my taste. Retreated to airconditioned environs….

    I do indeed have airconditioning… although the one in the living room is ancient and can be a bit on the balky side….( can only run for so long at a time ) it will be interesting to see how it holds up in this heat wave…


    I am open to any day or night….

  12. isteve says:

    I can do any day but wednesday and friday afternoon.

  13. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Wow… Did someone ask for a heat wave???

    I just talked to little Joe and he can make Thursday night around 8:00 or so… Anyone up for that??
    We could always start a little earlier as well….

    What is the drummer availability??

    I have new strings on my guitar.

    I even have a new type of pick…


  14. jayjayrox says:

    Hey Steve sorry I couldn’t make it last friday. I was in Cape Cod. I can do bass lessons on either Wednesday or Thursday. Let me know if you can do either of those days.
    Jaylynn:{ )

  15. drummer says:

    Weeknites are not good for me.I get up too early. I need my sleep!

  16. isteve says:

    Hey JJ and James i’m free all day Thursday pick some times.

    JJ can you make it on Friday? It would be great if you, lauren and I could work on playing some songs together.

  17. isteve says:

    Hey drummer is Friday a weekend night?

  18. jayjayrox says:

    Hey, I can’t do it on Firday. How about Thursday afternoon? Some time before 4:30. If not thats okay.

  19. isteve says:

    thursday 2:30 sound good?

    is it just this friday you can’t make it or every friday?

    Lauren can you come thursday this week?

  20. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Joe can only do evenings this week and he is gone for the weekend…

    I head West on the 17th.

    So, it does not look like we can all get together before then…. Bummer.


  21. isteve says:

    so we still on for thursday night without paul???

  22. Pati says:

    I am so confused! Joe, James and Steve, any chance you guys can get together tonight (Wednesday) Eight oclock or a little earlier is fine.

    Then, Steve, maybe some of us could make it to your regular Friday student jam?

    James, the rickety AC will be just fine.

    I’m at a class all day, but will check this when I get home.

  23. Tonyaisinnocent says:


    Man, this is like a jigsaw, isn’t it??

    I talked to Joe and he can do Thursday but not tonight. Pati, can you do Thursday night?
    (we would be without Paul)

    I could do tonight if others want to do tonight…. ( but no Joe or Paul…)

    I could also do over the weekend if we wanted… (no Joe)

    Let me know….

    Yours in Humidity,


  24. jayjayrox says:

    It’s just this Friday. Can you make it sometime in the afternoon?

  25. jayjayrox says:

    OOOOOHHHHH 2:30, thats good. Nevrmind about the afternoon stuff.

  26. isteve says:

    Anytime after 12:30 pick a time…

  27. isteve says:

    Ok see you at 2:30 thursday. I’ll be in Mr H’s room with AC cranked up.

  28. Pati says:

    It’s like a rubix cube! I think we have at least two different discussions going on here.
    Is JayJayRox Jaylyn or Joe?

    I can’t make it Thursday evening. How about an evening next week? Sunday would work for me. I wonder if Joe would be home by then? Paul may be able to make it if it is not too late. Anyone?

  29. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Straight out to Laurel and Hardy….

    Sunday works for me. Turns out Joe is going to be gone for a week so he is out….

    Maybe we can make it a Sunday afternoon thing so Paul might make it???

    Steve, Paul. Pati….. What do you think?

    Sunday afternoon?? say… How about 5:00??


  30. isteve says:

    Jayjayrox is jaylynn.

    Sunday sounds great just need to hear from Paul

  31. drummer says:

    Sunday is ok by me.

  32. Tonyaisinnocent says:


    See ya’ll on Sunday….


  33. isteve says:

    I’ll be there

  34. jayjayrox says:


  35. jayjayrox says:

    I have picked a time…….1:00.

  36. isteve says:

    Ok I’ll see you at 1

  37. Pati says:

    Seems the code has been broken! See you Sunday at 5.

  38. isteve says:

    Code? more like the three stooges 😉

  39. drummer says:

    OH, wise guy eh? nuck nuck

  40. Pati says:

    James, Steve and Paul,

    Much fun had yesterday. I’m so impressed at how you guys just keep sounding better. You really should consider playing out or getting a recording together.

    James, I would love to give Sometimes Wonder Why a go when you capture it on a sound file.

    Again, great jam you lot!

  41. isteve says:

    Here is a rough recording of sometimes wonder why.

    [audio src="https://atticnoise.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/why.mp3" /]

  42. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Pati,

    Thanks so much for playing with us on Sunday. Very cool. Thank you also for your supportive comments, you are always so nice to us…

    Would love to have a recording with your harmonies on it and also one with you just singing it as well…

    Maybe on fast and one slow?? One Appalachian and one Manic Appalachian???


  43. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Stevo,

    Thanks for the mp3 of the song. Not bad. Kinda amazing how much sound that little recorder gets….
    Feels like a much different song fast. Kinda like it.

    Really liked your solos and Paul’s drumming. Drummer really came to play on Sunday!
    Loved your false start as well… : )

    In my head, I hear a guitar lick or piano or dare I say accordian at the end of the each second “I sometime wonder why” line to add more texture and mix it up a little. This version feels like it should have a lot of noise in it.

    Sang it the old way today… first time I tried….
    Go figure…


    How did the other song sound?

  44. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Ask Jeddites,

    I know it is late notice, but if anyone wants to jam or record or both tonight (Sat) or tomorrow (Sun.) in Holyoke I would be up for it…

    My travel plans got changed from today to Tuesday…. so I am around.


  45. isteve says:

    I’m free, doesn’t look like anyone else is.

  46. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Stevo,

    Would you like to play as the world’s smallest quartet this afternoon or wait for the whole complement?

    Undecided at the resevoir….

  47. isteve says:

    Think I’m going to just go for a motorcycle ride. See you when you get back.

  48. EVERYONE READ MY BLOG!!! says:

    Hey steve I made a blog called chicownut I have a thingy on there for u to read its very important EVERYONE MUST READ IT!!!! and nice new web design im like in it. BUT READ MY BLOG EVERYONE PLEASE IMPORTANT!!!

  49. isteve says:


    You need to set the comment preferences so they don’t need to be moderated. It’s in the dashboard under settings > Discussion

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