stereo and a plant

Don’t ask.

Today was the first summer music friday and well no one came… other then lauren and me. So we decided to work on a new lauren song. She wrote the song this morning and had a idea on how the music would go. We did a quick recording just so we wouldn’t forget it. Could use some work and next friday we will try to do a better recording hopefully with a few more musicians.

Well give it a listen…

I think the song should be called… then I fell

listen on ipod/ipad   stereo and a plant

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37 Responses to stereo and a plant

  1. Everyone read!! says:

    Dont laugh at me whoever listened I wasnt trying we were just playin around:)

  2. isteve says:

    no one will laugh, you’re being to hard on yourself. it’s a good song with a cool vibe with a little work it will be a great song with a cool vibe 😉

  3. the new lady WHO? says:

    ok, i tried Lady Ga Ga (paparAZZI)Not trying to brag but Im really good at it. I sang it in the higher key abd i did fine!

  4. drummer says:

    That sounded great!

  5. isteve says:

    hey drummer, been a while, jam at james soon?

  6. ilauren! says:

    oh guess what my dad said if we did it over the weekend he could jam with us for the stereo and a plant. Also sweet picture where did you get it………..GOOGLE?

  7. isteve says:

    we’ll have to record it some other weekend when we have time to set up record equipment. it also be best if we have more then one song to record.

    i took the picture in my backyard. wouldn’t “then i fell” be a better name for that song?

  8. isteve says:

    Verse #1
    I had a dream and I was floating on the waves.
    Way back when I wasnt brave.
    I didnt live my life smart.
    I didnt live it to its driest part.
    I depended on someone else other than myself.
    I wasnt indepent and look were I went.

    Chorus:( Rocky quick pace)

    I was going and going and then I fell. x2

    Verse #2
    and Thats how easy it is
    from good to bad
    from happy to sad.
    I wasnt independent I went with the pack
    and now im alone and that is that.
    im back to where I started.

    I was going and going and then I fell. x2

    I was haven it great and now Im haven my worst days
    cause the waves decided to float away.
    I didnt stand alone
    and now im back to the day one
    stuff just isnt fun no more.
    one bad desicion sent my life below the floor


    Then i fell fell fell fell…………. Fades away

  9. cows taste like ga ga says:

    we could redo collide…….we could do the stereo and a plant and………… PAPARAZZI!! We could also try SUPEeRkid….( for the recording) so yeah and if you wanna change the title to the new song you can but ill always call it a stereo and a plant even though it sounds stupid. 🙂

    Cows taste like ga ga

  10. isteve says:

    will definitely record those songs should be fun to do.

    the cows taste like ga ga really made me laugh

    would be nice if savannah could make it

  11. GA GA BA BA?? says:

    yeAH i have an awful problem im baby sitting my sisters on friday Im gonna go to music but what should I do with them…

  12. isteve says:

    your sisters are welcome no big deal.

    But if it works for you, jaylynn can’t make it this friday so we are going to meet 1:00 thursday. So you could come thursday instead and we could start some recording.

  13. GA GA BA BA?? says:

    Oh sorry I didnt read your message until today I guess sophie and Olivia will have to come………….:(

  14. isteve says:

    like i said s and o are welcome maybe we can mack them sing some backup

  15. isteve says:

    so jay and i took a few minutes to sketch out your new song and did a quick recording. It’s way out of time and i clicked off the drums using my macbook keyboard but you get the picture

    click here to give it a listen

  16. jayjayrox says:

    Steve, heres all the songs that I learned………..Sullivan Street, Collide, Paparazzi, Big Green Tractor, Temporary Home, Beat It (kinda), Round Here, When I Come Around. Thats all that I have on my papers.

  17. isteve says:

    cool, did you give our recording a listen?

  18. Pati says:

    Hi Lauren,

    I like your song! Then I Fell is a cool name, Steve. Lauren, just wondering how this song would work in a slightly higher key or maybe Sophie and Olivia could put in a little sweet harmony?

  19. jayjayrox says:

    Not yet but I will right now.

  20. isteve says:

    Hey Jay, lauren can’t make it friday she’s in cape cod. So I figure we can learn some scales and do some recording.

  21. jayjayrox says:

    Just like me HAHAHA. Okay, that sounds good. See you tomorrow.:{ )

  22. jayjayrox says:

    I can’t make it today I ended up at my aunts house. Any other day after Tuesday or Wednesday will work. If Lauren can make it let me know.

  23. isteve says:

    I think Lauren has basketball camp this week. I’ll post when lauren has free time after I talk to her today.

    If you want I’ll give her your phone number so she can text you.

    • jayjayrox says:

      You can give her my number. I’m in Belchertown all this week visiting my Grandpa so can we do lessons next week?

  24. isteve says:

    Are you around Sunday? If not how about next week in the evening? Lauren you free?

  25. jayjayrox says:

    I’m back!!! Today is Sunday. I might be able to do it today but I might not because where going to look at some mattresses. I’ll write again when my parents come back and let you know.

  26. jayjayrox says:

    Can you do Wednesday and/or Friday??

  27. isteve says:

    Lauren and I will be at the school today at 2 if your around stop in.

    Wednesday after 3 is good and of course fridays are always good

  28. jayjayrox says:

    Okay I’ll do Wednesday at 3:30 if that’s good? And then I’ll just do Friday.

  29. isteve says:

    3:15 would be even better

  30. jayjayrox says:

    Okay 3:15. But what time on Friday? Some time or not?

  31. isteve says:

    friday at 1 same as always… this may be the first friday both you and lauren are in the same place at the same time.

  32. jayjayrox says:

    Okay, 1 like always. I’m looking forward to being in the same room as Lauren this time. Hopefully me or Lauren don’t cancel. LOL! See you there today, my moms bringing me so I’ll be there sooner than usually.

  33. isteve says:

    savannah may stop by also…. just like a band 😉

  34. jayjayrox says:

    Which Sunday did you have in mind??

  35. isteve says:

    jay check the comments are getting to long here.

    not sure if you know but if you click on the attic noise at the top left it will take you to the home page. Then you can click on the title of a topic to bring you to the comments. also if you click on a topic title next to the avatar (monster) under Recent Comments on the left it will take you to that comment.

    oh any sunday

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