So we tried, Again

OK this is a first try at Little Bit of Red. Lauren was reading the words and I just kind of faked my way through the chorus.

Little bit of red

Lauren and I got  together today to run through lady ga ga’s paparazzi. Well it seems it’s a little high for her to sing.

So I asked what song she would like to do and she wanted to try Trains Meet Virginia. So we’ll give it a try. I have a girl covering this song in my Vodpod in the column on the right. Check it out.

OH YEA! Lauren started a blog check it out Chicownut

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11 Responses to So we tried, Again

  1. chicownut says:

    Uhh Steve I told u not to put it on I sound Awful but a little bit of red by serena Ryder is perfecto I can sing it perfectly!

  2. isteve says:

    I learned Meet Virginia a lot of fun to play. I got most of little bit of red not really sure of the chorus but I can fake it. How did you hear of serena ryder?


    I have on my Ipod i just tiped in serena once instead of selena for u know selena gomez cuz my sisters wanted one of selena gomezs songs

  4. isteve says:

    Hi gail, jaylynn showed me that video she is the one that thought of playing paparazzi.

    Cocacowgirl, I never heard of serena ryder, not sure i like her music that much.

  5. poulingail says:

    BTW I like the new theme going on here.

  6. isteve says:

    Though I would use something a little edgy.


    Hey serenas music is good its better than how i sing PapaPOOP!! (written By lady ba ba)
    I wrote a new post everyone has to read and reply PLEASE REPLY!! STEVO HAVE EVERYONE READ IT please. Even that imaginary friend u have whats her name oh yeah jalylyn thats her name I forgot it sense I havent seen her. thats why I wrote the blog. 🙂

  8. isteve says:

    Hey Laurenzo you need to set your blog so that comments don’t need to be approved. right now if some leaves a comment it won’t show up until you approve it.

    I’m adding you to the contributors list of this blog so you can create new topics here.


    oh ok.

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