Are you going to be my

So Paul whats the chance of you learning this song for next weekend? Lauren wants to sing it. Seeing we’ll be practicing with james and joe we can also jam with lauren and jay.

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  1. Who can Jam!!! says:

    Can we go to mrs.mauries party to perform.

  2. isteve says:

    Not sure yet, can you practice Saturday around 1:30?

    Did you make the chorus thing.

  3. drummer says:

    I can play anything! Practice on Sat?

  4. isteve says:

    Sat at noon with james and joe and maybe 1:30 with lauren and jaylynn…. and joe.

  5. lauren says:

    Yep i made it!! and yeah 1:30 is cool!! ive been practicing the song by jett

  6. drummer says:

    ok I better start practicing!

  7. isteve says:

    James may not make it he has a Direct TV guy coming at between 9 and 12 to fix his signal. If the guy shows up on time I’m guessing he’ll show up.

  8. Who can Jam!!! says:

    it ok ya i cant do it, going to grandmas to house…. blah lol

  9. isteve says:

    So check here saturday morning. We’ll probably cancel saturday jam. James if free sunday late afternoon.

  10. isteve says:

    So jay an I will be at the school at noon feel free to stop by.

    Paul, james house sunday at 5

  11. drummer says:

    ok see you Sunday.

  12. lorenzo says:

    hey stevo my mom emailed u yesterday from her account…. i have the flue and i slept all day yesterday i cant even get off the couch, my mom said shes sry because she forgot to email u until it was after music……..

  13. lorenzo says:

    soo lets just say my singing would sound like a dead cow 🙂

  14. isteve says:

    No problemo laurenzo, tell your mom it’s no big deal. hope you’re feeling better.

    maybe over the winter break we can get some recording in.

    not sure dead cows make any sound 😉

  15. lauren says:

    yeah maybe we can do something over the week!!!

  16. isteve says:

    I guess your feeling better.

    I good for any day after 3

  17. Anonymous says:

    oky doky Yeppers I got better

  18. Lauren A says:

    Guess What!!!!!!! I got a Laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. isteve says:

    Sweet, what kind?

  20. Lauren A says:

    hp my mom is locked out of her room r u at the school today lol

  21. Lauren A says:

    shes flipping out

  22. Lauren A says:

    u know my mom lol 🙂

  23. isteve says:

    How did she lock herself out?

    I’ll be there 8 in the morning.

  24. isteve says:

    I got to go out later I could stop by the school if she needs to get in tonight.

  25. Lauren A says:

    ok! shell comeover then what door should she goto if she came over at ninne and she always locks her doorr snd she left the key in the room… she says THANK YOU! I wrote a christmas song

  26. isteve says:

    Shes coming nine in the morning? Our door by the dumpster will be open all day.

    I herd about the song and you and the twins singing it.

  27. Lauren A says:

    yeppers lol
    can we have music tomorrow?

  28. isteve says:

    yeppers… what time is good

  29. Lauren A says:

    ummmmm is 3:00 0k?

  30. isteve says:

    3 is good, c u at 3

  31. lauren says:

    c u then!! 🙂

  32. isteve says:

    Thanks for the gift lauren. Just ordered a GoPro video camera.

  33. lauren says:

    Greatttt!!!!!!!!! i totally forgot to ask about music sry for the REALLY REALLY Short notice but can u do sunday at like 12:30 or 1:00??????? just to like practice soome stuff with the guitar not like jamming. sry. 😦 for the short notice again.

  34. isteve says:

    Sure jay and i will be there at 12

  35. lorenzo says:

    ok ill swing by at twelve thirty. 🙂

  36. lauren says:

    Hey stevo this weekend I have like three big projects and I’m piled upp with additional hmwk. So I can’t make music. Sorry. I’ve been practicing on the acoustic lately.

  37. isteve says:

    no problemo laurenzo c u soono

  38. lauren says:

    are u and jay practicing today cuz ill swing by at like elevenish if u are.

  39. isteve says:

    we did a lesson saturday this weekend.

  40. lorenzo says:

    oh ok. I have a really bad earache this weekend so id probably sound like a dieing squirrel. It hurts alot soo im not really in guitar playing shape anyway. but next weekend do u wanna do music at 3:00 so i dont leave u hanging not telling wat time u sorry. Sorry for all th1e short notices these days Ive been soooo busy with sciennce fair and Midterns! BLAH. Hopefully c ya soon stevo! 🙂

  41. isteve says:

    So thats next saturday at 3.

    If you want I can see if jay and paul want to jam also

  42. isteve says:

    I didn’t call paul wasn’t sure if you could make it. But I’ll be there at 3 C U then

  43. lauren says:

    i was gonna swing by today with u and jay but sisters birthday is today and were celebrating. sry about the quick change. but now there like hyper and excited and its scaring me. lol

  44. isteve says:

    Hey it’s my birthday today also.

  45. Who can Jam!!! says:

    OMG it wasss ur B- Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Personal note in head……. ok, umm jay said u guys might b practicing at twelve today..??? are you guys going too?

  46. isteve says:

    Jay said you may stop in and yes we’ll be there.

  47. lorenzo :( :( says:

    Heyy stevo umm sophie is really sick and is going with my grandma so I have to go with her and make sure she doesnt explode how am I supposed to stop her IDK but heyy all try thats staying as far away as possible lol jk I’ll help out my sicky friend so I can’t make music but……trying to plan ahead so how is next Sunday at ten to eleven or is that too early I really want to have music so Im trying to squeeze it into my schedule. HAppy b-dayy and I can’t wait to give you your present!!!!!!!

  48. lorenzo :( :( says:

    sorry for the longness of the comment.

  49. isteve says:

    Nothing worse then having a sister explode 🙂

    10 is early because that leaves me a hour till jay comes in a 12. Of if she can make it earlier that would be fine.

  50. Lauren A says:

    umm than can u do on saturday at 11?

  51. Lauren A says:

    or 10:30

  52. isteve says:

    How about we do 10:45 ?

  53. Lauren A says:

    oky doky!!! 🙂 thanks sooooo much

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