Love the iPad

I downloaded this really great app for my ipad called Amplitube Fender. Amplitube (IK Multimedia) is a well known… well known in the recording business anyway, as a amp/effects software plugin company for digital recording software. They have been making ipod/iphone/ipad amp sim software for a long time with some great metal amp sims. Just recently they introduced the Fender software. I love the sound of fender amps so I spent my $14.95 for the app and then another $14.95 for their 8 track recording software that works with amplitube. So I gave it a try and did some recordings. Below are my first two recordings done completely on the ipad. The really cool thing is how fast it is to get in and get out of. Give these files a quick listen.

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6 Responses to Love the iPad

  1. drummer says:

    Recording session still on for Sunday?

  2. isteve says:

    as far as i know we are.

  3. isteve says:

    Try again sunday drummer?

  4. drummer says:

    ok same time?

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