So “Drummer” we’re looking to do some jamming on saturday and make a few videos to put up on youtube. Sure would be good to have a drummer. I know lauren and I will be there and shouldn’t be hard to get jay on bass but a drummer would definitely be a plus.

Lauren will be making a list of songs so we can maybe (re)learn them.

I’m thinking we do Malibu, Clocks, lauren’s no matter what and through the glass again.


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25 Responses to Drummer!!!

  1. drummer says:

    I’m available, just let me know what time.

  2. isteve says:

    Probably daylight hours, I think james wanted to do some jamming also. Could be a full day.

  3. isteve says:

    James was thinking sunday I’ll talk to him tomorrow. And I texted lauren about maybe 11 saturday I know jaylynn is free then.

  4. isteve says:

    So 11 am saturday.

    Now for james jam, it was 1 pm sunday then it got changed to 3:30. But last I hear is it will be at bruce’s place at 3:30. But I hear it will be in the 60’s sunday. That may mean that I’ll be riding the motorcycle so it will be up to paul if he’s wiling to find parking in noho and lug his stuff to bruce’s treetop apartment then I’ll skip the ride. But he won’t be going I just enjoy the late season ride.

  5. isteve says:

    I’m thinking we try to get 3 maybe 4 songs done. Pick 3 from the list. all should be easy to do.

    Lauren’s, No Matter What

    Hole’s, Malibu

    Tracy Chapman, Change

    Stone Sour. Through the glass

    Coldplay, Clocks

    Pink, Don’t let me gat you

  6. Lauren :) says:

    Hey steve i made a commitment to my dad before scheduling music its till 12 at norris so ill be over at the school at 12. so maybe during tht hour u could show paul a couple of the songs were doing. I was thinking, clocks, change, no matter what and could we try brighter than the sun by colbie caillet its really good for an acoustic guitar. I even know the lyrics, i think i can sing it. I dont really think we should sing through the glass it doesnt really fit my voice. Also i realllllllyyyy think we should sing fast car by tracy chapman.

  7. isteve says:

    I’ll see if jaylynn can come a little later.

    Let’s give the pink song a quick try your voice sounds great with that one, if we don’t click we’ll drop it. Also lets wait on fast car that may be a good one for just acoustic guitar and you. How do you feel about giving put your records on try?

    Easy song should be no problem

  8. drummer says:

    I’m real confused now.

  9. isteve says:

    Just learn all of them.

    See you at 11 at the school.

  10. Lauren :) says:

    yeah put ur records on sounds good. ok pink, and riptide of course we forgot tht one.
    so riptide
    the pink song
    put ur records on
    and no matter wwhat
    Maybe colbie caillat

  11. isteve says:

    I think we need to do no matter what first. It’s short easy and being your song we can’t mess it up.

    I like the collie caillat song we should do it if you think you can sing it.

    the pink song has attitude

    put your records on is great be nice to do it with your sister doing a verse.

    we can give the others a quick try and see what sounds good

  12. Lauren :) says:

    and sophie and olivia cant come they have a game and if they were to sing a verse i think they should sing it together. Cuzz there both just as good as the other.:)

  13. isteve says:

    Who would have guessed that the twins sound the same šŸ˜‰

    Paul does your monitor let you plug in a mic and a bass?

  14. drummer says:

    Yes it does. 3 inputs. Music room at 11?

  15. isteve says:

    Yea 11 we can set up and go through the songs with jaylynn.

  16. drummer says:

    I like the Colbie Caillat song.

  17. Lauren :) says:

    hey did the other covers comeout rly bad cuzz i noticed they werent on youtube. tht would stink lol

  18. isteve says:

    Yea the others are pretty good but didn’t want t rush.

  19. Lauren :) says:

    kk but can u first post them here so i can see how they came out before there broadcasted to the whole world. šŸ™‚

  20. isteve says:

    No problem. The best change video only had half your head although funny probably not good video, but I’ll post the audio.

    Also the camera does auto audio loudness so on some songs it made the quiet parts loud and the loud parts quiet. It’s called a lack of Dynamic range. You’ll notice it when you hear it.

    Click me for clocks

    These are right from the camera no editing.

    Here is a not so good Change but at least your head can be seen. Click me

    And the Pink song

  21. Lauren :) says:

    Tht stinks šŸ˜¦ lol oh well, next time we have music we can redo those three and then post them. At least now we will no how to do them lol. Clocks came out pretty good but we’d have to cut out me saying omg i hate this song! lol

  22. isteve says:

    I liked clocks, if you want I’ll edit the I hate this song and pop it up on Utube.

    You’re right about learning about video making. I think we start with a better camera.

    And check the youtube inbox there is a friend request from norris6norris (Mr. H)

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