Watch them before they disappear

Lauren seems to be deleting videos so watch these before they go.

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4 Responses to Watch them before they disappear

  1. LaurenEXPLANATION says:

    Heres the dealio!! lol i deleted those first two because well for one i wasnt looking at he camera the other just didnt sound good and the other one was already put as private. I thought the two u posted sounded pretty good so i thought just keep those up. I asked my mom about it and she said if they didnt sound good then we shouldnt post them out to THE WHOLE WORLD if we can redo them and have them sound better! lol So i thought next time we get together we can do wat we did today and just crank through a bunch of songs. Then we have good ones up so people keep watching them and so its not humiliating to me 🙂 lol cuzz i really wasnt a fan of wonderwall and theres no point in having two No matter whats.

  2. isteve says:

    Hey lauren, you can delete or add anything you want. Doesn’t matter what I or anyone think. I think the wonder wall video sounded better then a lot of youtube videos. It also showed a sweet girl a little uneasy with being in front of the youtube world. I liked it because it made viewers “especially people that know you” empathize with you. But I sure know how you feel not wanting people to see it. You also had like 50+ views and no one called you a looser that almost never happens on youtube.

    U Roc

  3. Lauren :) says:

    lol but i just wasnt a big fan of it. We could redo it with a better location and then be able to actually give out are youtube channel because i wont have songs i dont like me singing or be humiliated about. And then more people will see it BINGO!!

  4. isteve says:

    So when do you want to do some guitar lessons?

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