So who’s going to see it?

I always tell people don’t post anything on the net (Facebook,youtube,tumblr, Flickr whatever) you don’t want people to see. The internet is a big place and spiders (the digital ones) crawl everything and with a little work anything can be found. Plenty of webcam users have learned this the hard way.

But suppose you want to be seen well then you come to the right place. I did a little searching and found our LJSP101 youtube channel has been indexed by some strange places.

From a Pakistan site. Click on them to take a closer look.

And a Taiwanese site.

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7 Responses to So who’s going to see it?

  1. Lauren :) says:

    im confuzzled is this good or bad?? was it a “Spider”????? anyway im super sick and i cant talk so singing is the impossible i tried……………..didnt sound too good lol. and supposedly the doctor said im super contagious so im not gunna be able to do music this weekend 😦 But since i cant sing ive been playing the guitar so im not completely musically declined for the time being lol.

  2. isteve says:

    Doesn’t make any different other then if someone in Pakistan was searching for our video they could find it. The video still plays from youtube.

    I knew you were sick so I dug this up.

    [audio src="" /]

  3. Lauren :) says:

    thts weird im sketched out!!!!! so our band name is LJSP101…………..? lol

  4. Lauren :) says:

    Hey i looked us up on google were on this ringtone site and people have to pay to get them somethings wrong there.,…… lol

  5. isteve says:

    I don’t ever see anyone ever paying for a ringtone of us.

    Just got back from music with jaylynn we were wondering if you have a list of song you want to do for YouTube yet.

    LJSP the more you say it the more it sounds like a band.

  6. Lauren :) says:

    lol yeah me either i was like buddy have fun with tht business…. umm i was thinking change and maybe rolling in the deep with no lyrics and ………….. riptide if u can maybe some jason mraz song or something idk let me c..

  7. isteve says:

    i think change is one we have to try and get right… you did a awesome job when we first did it.

    I really liked your voice at the end of rolling in the deep in the last video when I listen to it I just play that part.

    Riptide needs to be played loud even Sick puppies play it acoustic when they don’t have full onstage gear.

    oh yea you feeling better?

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