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Whats Next ???

Lauren wrote a new song and I think she outdid herself with this one. She played it for me and not only did the lyrics kick @$$ but her choice of chords really makes the song shine. So next time … Continue reading

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this weekend

When this weekend? Need to schedule this weekend soon. What day are we going to do some recording? What songs? And paul, would like to do a little jamming with nikki  before lauren and jay get there.

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Nikki on Call

Hey 100 views in one week So the drummer was MIA and Jaylynn was  busy having fun at interskate. BTW jay  how did mom do? Well it was lauren, me and filling in for Jaylynn, Nikki. Really nice job nikki.

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Caution Zombies Ahead

Lauren, Jaylynn, Nikki and I somehow ended up playing together today. We tried to learn two songs First The Call by Regina Spektor and You’d Think by Lauren. So we had Lauren and I playing guitar and both jay and … Continue reading

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And Counting

Got my Wechter Pathmaker  in this week. What a beautiful playing guitar. The action on this guitar is incredible. And the sound is sparkling and full. The fullness I didn’t expect  from such a thin guitar only 3″ at it’s … Continue reading

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Time For Change

So we tell jaylynn that nikki plays louder then her. Well jay says thats gotta change.

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More Music

So if we’re going to make some music this weekend we need to schedule. First Paul, I was talking to joe we were thinking maybe some jamming at james sunday evening. Sound good?   Then LJSP we going to do … Continue reading

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When We Come Around

Didn’t come out the best but was a lot of fun to play. Lauren doesn’t like this video and asked me not to post it. I usually wouldn’t but I think it’s pretty good. So I’m leaving it up to … Continue reading

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