Another compilation video. New song from lauren but I can’t remember what she said the songs name is.

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7 Responses to Again

  1. Lauren :) says:

    putting it on unlisted until the thumbnail is updated lol it takes 36 hours lol

    • isteve says:

      It really doesn’t take 36 hours usually about 15 minutes. It’s just gets cached in your browser.

      Your mom says it looks like we have fun. I know it looks that way on video. Hope everyone is enjoying playing together.

      • Lauren101 says:

        Yeah maybe we should keep it unlisted have it be the revision and then redo the recording cuzz i think i wanna seem a little happer when singing lol

  2. isteve says:

    that works, we could record it and replace the sound in the video. same video different version of the song.

  3. drummer says:

    Squeezing my head like a grape?

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