So What Did You Do This Weekend?

Our good friend and bass player Nicole went to Anime Boston and she said she didn’t take any pictures. So I go to youtube do a search and the first video I watch who do you think I see… Yep just 18 seconds in.

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12 Responses to So What Did You Do This Weekend?

  1. Lauren :) says:


  2. isteve says:

    She makes a good misty 🙂

    Paul, jam at james sunday?

  3. Lauren101 says:

    Hey do u wanna work on the songs from the videos with all the combos of videos in them at like 4:00

    • isteve says:

      Wow Lauren that is one busy sentence you composed there. Not sure what is happening this weekend. Jay has a B day party to go to in the afternoon. I haven’t heard from paul. I have a lesson with nikki at 12:30 and I’m free until 5:30 so I can do 4.

      R U free anytime sunday or monday?

  4. isteve says:

    just got email from paul he is busy sunday.

  5. Lauren101 says:

    Hey umm are u cming today?

  6. isteve says:

    What about 2?

    Nikki U free maybe 3?

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