Gotye with one guitar

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7 Responses to Gotye with one guitar

  1. Lauren101 says:

    Hey stevo i am soooooo busy this week with finals, aau and dance rehearsals next week im in the cape for a tourny ill let u no if i get lucky and get sometime we can music. But during the summer ill be freee other than one weekon vaca so we can pick up on all the songs and stuff.

    • isteve says:

      No problemo. I knew you had B-Ball this weekend. Bought a great mic for recording this summer I’m going to try it out today with nikki-o and eleanor-o today.

      Dance rehearsals?

  2. Lauren :) says:

    lol im waltzing at my friends quincenera cuzz im her “maid of honor”

  3. isteve says:

    Are u leaving saturday? Because friday late in the day would be good for me and we could probably get jaylynn to come also.

  4. isteve says:

    jay is leaving for the cape friday so maybe thursday at 5ish

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