Schools Out For Summer

That doesn’t mean we won’t be making music. I’m thinking Friday afternoons. We need to pick a time that works for everyone. I’m thinking Nikki, Rowan and Eleanor for maybe a hour or hour and a half. We can learn a few songs and do some recording, maybe a youtube video or two.

Also Jaylynn and Lauren, do some real quality recordings of Lauren’s originals and post them at one of the indie music sites or even iTunes.

Leave a comment below with what time works best for you.

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9 Responses to Schools Out For Summer

  1. Lauren :) says:

    yeah tomorrow at five is cool

  2. Lauren :) says:

    i think ill ask my mom tomorrow morning

  3. isteve says:

    KK I’ll email jay to make sure she remembers.

  4. Lauren :) says:

    yepp i can do 5:00

  5. isteve says:

    I guess we start friday july 6. I meeting with jay and lauren at 4 so how about niki, eleanor, rowan and peyton at 2?

  6. Eleanor says:

    Het Steve sorry I haven’t been in the last couple week I’ll be there tomorrow 2:00 pm sharp.I learned space oddicy and use somebody fully working on crow song. Ready to record the other two and move on! 🙂

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