Got Blog

Just wondering if any of the newer music makers, eleanor, nikki, rowan would like to be able to start new post here. I know you girls have a lot to say and this could at least help me keep up with what ‘s hot in anime.

If you’re interested just get a wordpress account, let me know and I will send a invite to be a editor here.

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6 Responses to Got Blog

  1. Nicole says:

    Sure~ I’ll ask Eleanor if she wants too. I’ll just make a WordPress account, and then make a post here with it.

  2. flylikeac4 says:

    Okay, I made my account ^^

    • isteve says:

      So did you get a invite?

      First post you need to do about the italy german thing I keep forgetting.

      I’ll be gone most of the day check in later today.

  3. flylikeac4 says:

    Yup! I’ve accepted. Thanks~

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