Give U Hell

Hey friday crew, we’re going to give Give You Hell a try. The song sounds pretty simple but it’s got a lot of things going on. If you guys can work on it this week it would be great.

Here is a acoustic version, probably shoot for something like this. I may bring the electric we’ll see.

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43 Responses to Give U Hell

  1. Eleanor says:

    Same time this week?

  2. isteve says:

    yep friday at 2

  3. Eleanor says:

    Steve niki and I are working in an project for our little music group can u do me a favor? Answer the fallowing:
    If your hair could be any color and any style what would it look like?

    Pick the name of an action or item ex: illusion or transmute

    Pick one color any color

    Chose one Past Present Future or Alian

    Thank you I’m gonna see if Rowan will fill this out too

  4. Lauren :) says:

    Ill be there on friday

  5. isteve says:

    we’re meeting at 2

  6. sangha7 says:

    Hi Steve, Glad you guys are having some musical fun this summer! Hey, was wondering if you’d like to help me record a song I wrote this summer? I could come there during one of your Friday sessions or we could do it here…..

  7. Lauren101 says:

    Hey i actually can do friday:)

    • isteve says:

      that’s cool, I was thinking maybe we do a video in the music room… use somebody or give u hell.

      I think jaylynn may be in florida, probably why she didn’t make it friday.

  8. Lauren :) says:

    o jwing is there any other way we could do a different day other than friday my aunt needs a bbysitter :/ i can do any o ther day this week other than tomorrow and friday

  9. Lauren :) says:

    but its like during the day

  10. Lauren :) says:

    i think i can do saturday

  11. Eleanor says:

    Ah Steve rember how we haven’t thought up a name for the group yet ? I used a name generator and I was berry happy with the result :
    Guns Of Truth
    What do ya think? If not I thought of killer tie machines dont know just through in it out there.

  12. isteve says:

    The problem is names never last long something better always comes along… But I think “Something About Eleanor” sounds good how about “Nikkinore” hahaha.

    On the other hand lauren, jaylynn, me and my drummer friend paul have no name… well we kind of go by LJSP for the youtube videos.

    Then again I play with a few guys every once in a while and we make up a new name just about every time we play.

    killer tie machines , thats funny…

    Eleanor have you ever thought of learning to play guitar? be happy to teach you.

    • isteve says:

      One more thing. Wondering if you girls (eleanor and nicole) can change friday time to like 5ish sometime. I’d like to get my drummer friend Paul to jam with us and do some live recording.

      I also would like to get some video to maybe make a compilation video before summer is over. Kind of like this one.

      • Eleanor says:

        See its good to inform me of these things. And I tried guitar when I was 5 thinking about picking it back up . I’ll ask my dad if he will let me barrow his I would love some lessons!

      • Eleanor says:

        Great job Lauren! Dat was awsomz

  13. isteve says:

    We could do a half hour lesson either a half hour before or after our friday jam. let me know.

  14. Lauren101 says:

    I can do friday at 6:00ish an can we do use somwbody?

  15. Eleanor says:

    nice thanks iSteve.
    PS have you ever heard of MMD they are amazing they are a bit like the gorillas

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