What to do, What to do

So taking suggestions for songs for Eleanor to sing. Nikki wants to do something from Blink182 but not sure what one. I’d like to hear her try Mazzy star’s fade into you or into dust. Eleanor, yea the one that counts most in this decision likes paint it black. So any suggestions from anyone else. I think she maybe some Avril  might also be good. We all like Nirvana maybe heart shaped box…

Post a comment if you have a idea. If you like link to a youtube video.

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20 Responses to What to do, What to do

  1. Sarah (Elle's Mom) says:

    thats a good choice, she digs Evenessance. I like the Mazzy song “fade”, but not sure shes ever heard it. If you ever need a cellist on anything let me know, and Elle’s dad is a drummer too 😉

    • isteve says:

      Yea, I think Elle mentioned that you played cello and dad was a drummer… like 1000 times.

      Cello would work great with Evenessance. Or maybe something from Slipknot / Stone sour singer.

  2. Sarah (Elle's Mom) says:

    Eleanor, say something over and over until your ears bleed? noooo I don’t believe it. hahaha ❤ u El!

  3. Lauren :) says:

    hey stevo ill stop by at 4 i wrote a new song

  4. isteve says:

    Come as soon as you can we’re already here

  5. Sarah (Elle's Mom) says:

    Elle should like this, since it’s a David Bowie cover.

  6. isteve says:

    Can’t ask for any more.

    Do you want to come in a little before nikki this sunday so we can get a lesson in?

    • Eleanor says:

      Yeah that’s probably a good idea and I was wondering if you could teach me how to tune a guitar?

      • isteve says:

        wow you’re up early. We’re sort of getting to guitar tuning by learning the open notes and the notes as you move up the neck.

        If you notice the note at the 5th fret on the E string is an A. The next string is a A string so you just need to match the pitch of the the A on the E string and the open A string. This works with all strings except the G string the B note in on the 4th fret.

        We can work on it this week.

      • Eleanor says:

        You too I guess just up early so I’m ready for school.

      • isteve says:

        hard to believe school starts next week.

      • Eleanor says:

        I know I’m so excited!

      • isteve says:

        Glad someone is.

        El could you see if it is ok with your parents if I post the picture I took of you and nikki playing guitar and standing on the chairs. I think your old norris teachers would get a kick out of seeing it.

  7. Eleanor says:

    My moms fine with it.

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