Looking For A Blonde

Been thinking about getting another guitar. After playing Eleanor’s Fender Mustang I remember how great Fender guitars sound. I would love a Mustang but have always wanted a Telecaster. I have played a few Tele’s when I was young and loved the sound but being young the call of a bone crunching Gibson SG was my fate. Enough of that here’s my question If I get aTele what color, Butterscotch Blond or Vintage Blond.


Well I hit the order button I’ll be getting the Vintage Blond on Thursday.


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18 Responses to Looking For A Blonde

  1. Eleanor says:

    Vintage blond looks better

    • isteve says:

      My brother likes that one also but my neighbor likes the butterscotch, she said it looks classic. So far 2 for vintage 1 for butterscotch.

      Probably going to order it this weekend see if I can catch a labor day sale.

  2. Jay-Leno says:

    Butterscotch all the way!!

  3. Jay-Leno says:

    I think that’s the top one I don’t know…the top one is the one that I meant

  4. isteve says:

    Well great that makes 2 and 2.

  5. Lauren :) says:

    what time on sunday??

  6. LILI says:

    im elles cousin lili im also a REALY GOOD SINGER .

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