Moving Up

It’s been a great summer and one of the things that made it great was friday music. This summer I got to know Eleanor and Nicole both unique individuals with plenty of energy. Thanks to these two I have a whole new insight into the world of  Anime and Zombies, this should help expand my already huge wealth of  useless information.

Hope you girls enjoyed friday music also, looking forward to the fall.

And this picture could use a witty caption if you can think of something post away.

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5 Responses to Moving Up

  1. Eleanor says:

    Higher note and higher piched singing.

  2. Eleanor says:

    How about soaring to new heights

    • isteve says:

      I had a few teachers asked why you girls were standing on chairs. I said they like to be different, didn’t tell them I was standing also.

      A lot of people like your song. We should work on another sometime. If you feel inspired maybe you could try and write a short song. Maybe a Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Chorus and make the verses just four lines.

  3. “Standing tall and being loud in the ‘coolest’ classroom in the world.”

    Mr Hodgson

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