Is It Sunday?

Don’t you hate Sundays. Except for music of course.


So we need a schedule. What time is best for you? We can change things anytime but it would be nice to get close to a permeant time for everyone. I think last winter nicole was 11 am and jaylynn was 12 but a lot of time jay and I would work around lauren’s schedule. Also have mike this year.

So I have some ideas of what we could do. I’d like to start with eleanor for a half hour lesson and then nikki, elle could jam and end with a nikki lesson. Of course things will be different every week we can learn songs, jam and we need to write songs.

Next Mike  we need a ballpark time when you think you can make it every weekend.

Jaylynn we’ll talk to lauren when she knows her schedule. I think this weekend we need to work on Lauren’s new song an maybe get a quick recording.

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10 Responses to Is It Sunday?

  1. Eleanor says:

    Already wrot a song XD it’s a bit more rock to and little fast

  2. isteve says:

    Pretty sure elle and nicki will be doing guitar till 1 not sure about jay and lauren yet.

    Mike you want to do 1 sunday?

  3. Lauren :) says:

    anytime sunday is good for me!

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