She’s a Mustang

Eleanor left me with her super cool Fender Mustang. This perticular mustang was made popular by Curt Cobain. It was so popular Fender rereleased it two years ago as a Curt Cobain  signature guitar.

The  reason I have is it has a broken tone potentiometer (control) and I offered to fix it. This is a simple job for anyone with a solider iron. But the tone pot in this guitar is tiny and I didn’t have any so I ordered one. While I’m waiting I decided to do a little clean up. I cleaned up the frets, cleaned and oiled the fretboard and polished it and of course replaced the dead old strings.

Check out the slide show of Eleanor’s sweet Mustang.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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6 Responses to She’s a Mustang

  1. Lauren :) says:

    hey do u wanna do 12:00 tomorrow ill see if jaylyn can go

  2. Lauren :) says:

    after 3…….. i can do like 430ish 5

    • isteve says:

      So I’m guessing you’re busy sunday. Well I can do pretty much any time after 3 so 430 or 5 is fine. I emailed jay I think she was ok with saturday or sunday not sure of times.

      So what did you want to do, try that extremely sad song A team? Do you want to learn how to play it?

  3. Lauren :) says:

    sure learning how to play it would be awesome

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