Time of your life?

Good Riddance… I think not.

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21 Responses to Time of your life?

  1. Sarah (Elle's Mom) says:

    Awe so cute!

  2. Eleanor says:

    Hi Steve Elle here, I was wondering what time practice was this week. Is it the normal time?

  3. isteve says:

    Mike……. Jaylynn and I are doing 2 to about 4 so anytime after 2 is good.

  4. Lauren101 says:

    Hey stevo can u do sunday tomorrow? And whatever time is best for u works sorry i couldnt seimg by today i was really busy. Ill bring lyrics to tht colbie caillat song too

  5. Lauren :) says:

    ILL BE THERE IN like 15 min SOOO SORRY for running this late

  6. Lauren :) says:

    hey I cant do music on sunday or monday cuz im gunna be in NYC is their anyway u can do tomorrow at 1:00?

    • isteve says:

      Yea.. I can do 1, do a video ?

      Nicki is going to NYC sunday, it’s a small town maybe you’ll see each other hahahaha. Actually I’m guessing nicki will be at the giant nintendo store all day.

      Jay, elle and I are going to do a video sunday, going to give a go at Driver 8

  7. Eleanor says:

    In just guessing but were still on at the regular time? 11:30-1;30 ?

    • isteve says:

      Yep.. I was thinking we can set up and run through the song before jaylynn gets there. Then we can get jaylynn up to speed she knows all the parts but timeing and where to come in she will have to learn.

      • Lauren101 says:

        Hey steve i can probs do tomorrow at like 2 if. Thts cool? Been praticing rappin lol

      • isteve says:

        Yea I think I can, did you want to see if jaylynn can come.

        It’s way to nice out. I’m taking the motorcycle out for a ride. I can do 3:30 or later.

  8. Lauren101 says:

    Hey jaylyns coming and im here….

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