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8th or 9th That is the Question

Ok time to make a video and have some fun in the process. Who: ┬áJaylynn, Lauren, Eleanor, Nicole, Joe (Mr. M), Paul oh and me. Where: Joe’s classroom with all the stage lights, disco balls and lasers. What: First Driver … Continue reading

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She’s Something Else

Another song from Lauren. I’m guessing this one came from the heart. She always amazes me. Too Soon

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Driver 8 Driver 8 (one more time)

Played around with the mix a little, give it a listen. d8elle Elle, Jay and I made another recording of driver 8 for no other reason then we can. Need some drums. dr8

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Dirver 8

This was our first try… I like it

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Who Has Red Hands

I really like this band. These are the people that did the 5 peeps 1 guitar Gotya cover. They have a bunch of really inventive videos and usually videos of how they made the inventive videos.

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