She’s Something Else

Another song from Lauren. I’m guessing this one came from the heart. She always amazes me.

Too Soon

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5 Responses to She’s Something Else

  1. Lauren101 says:

    Thanks stevo and i forgot to tell u the name of the song is Too Soon.

  2. Eleanor says:

    Really great job Lauren! I like the song a lot.

  3. Lauren :) says:

    hey stevo i saw the video thanks sooooo much for putting it up so fast, i think it was a really good first draft. maybe next week we could do another one?

    • isteve says:

      Yeah, it was good but we can do better. I do like the audio version I posted here.

      Eleanor, the new song could be just as good we need to work on it.

      I have to say it really is great to work with both of you 🙂

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