8th or 9th That is the Question

Ok time to make a video and have some fun in the process.

Who:  Jaylynn, Lauren, Eleanor, Nicole, Joe (Mr. M), Paul oh and me.

Where: Joe’s classroom with all the stage lights, disco balls and lasers.

What: First Driver 8 we need to work out who sings what parts. Right now I’m thinking Joe 1st verse, elle the 2nd and lauren the last. Everyone can join in on the chorus.

Also Pumped Up Kicks we can work out this one between elle and lauren.

When: This one is still not set. It will be the weekend of the 8th but we need to first pick Saturday or Sunday and a time.

So what date and time works best for you?

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10 Responses to 8th or 9th That is the Question

  1. Lauren :) says:

    this weekend can you do music sunday afternoon cuz im away all weekend….. ?

    • isteve says:

      Wouldn’t sunday be part of all weekend? 😉 We are doing sunday this weekend… what time can you do? I have nicki and elle 11:30 to 1 sunday. I didn’t talk to jaylynn yet.

  2. Lauren :) says:

    i can do like 4 probably i dont really know what time im getting back its kinda like a play it by year thing so late as possible is probs best so 4 is probs the earliest i wanna risk i dont wanna leave u guys hanging.

    • isteve says:

      No biggie, I’ll see if jaylynn is cool with that time. If you can’t make it jay and I can do some country.

      Can you make next weekend for the the video with everyone.

  3. Eleanor says:

    So is the big video this week? And I was wondering what verse I’m doing, because when we first learned this I was doing verse 1.

    • isteve says:

      Next weekend. You’re doing second verse, harmony on the chorus and in the bridge you and lauren will do a call and response

      You: A way to shield the hated heat

      Lauren: A way to put myself to sleep

      Like that

  4. Eleanor says:

    cool see ya at 11:30

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