Saturday At 1

So talked to Joe (Mr.M) he’s good for saturday afternoon. Does this work for everyone?

Lauren said she can do Saturday at 1. Jaylynn is not sure yet she is going to let me know as soon as she knows.

I emailed paul but he never reads his email so I’ll call him tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Saturday At 1

  1. drummer says:

    That’s ok with me.

  2. Sarah says:

    Elle will need transportation in order to go on Saturday. I will be stuck at school and her dad will be away hunting. I know she mentioned something to Nicki, but i’m not really sure where they stand at the moment.

    • isteve says:

      If she can’t get a ride just let me know I can pick her up. We’ll be making music, having fun and maybe eating some chocolate, can’t let elle miss out on that.

  3. Sarah says:


  4. isteve says:

    Anyone heard Nicki ?????????????

  5. Lauren :) says:

    Hey stevo next week we should def do a cover with at least me u and jaylyn. we havent posted one with the 3 of us in awhile… maybe bubbly?I can sing and play rythm guitar, jaylyn bass and u can do all the impossible finger picking stuff lol. i think that would be fun!

  6. Lauren :) says:

    And sophie and O love the neww song! 🙂

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