Happy New Year

Just got back from Downtown Easthampton’s Brass Cat where they dropped the new year ball. Must have been 600 people there this year.

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9 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Lauren101 says:

    Hey steve can we do tomorrow at like 5ish or something cuz i have a bball TBA prac and i dont want it to conflict with music on sunday

  2. Lauren :) says:

    hey steve on youtube it has my name as our title for some wierd reason? it says its like a google plus account or something i tried changing it to LJSP101 but its like u need a last name i dont get it?!

    • isteve says:

      Yea, it all about google taking over the world and making everyone have a google+ account. I still have my account as el34superlead somehow I avoided pushing some magic button.

      Don’t think we can change it back. I think we would have to start a new account and make so it isn’t a personal account.

      I ok with it being Lauren Aldrich after all it’s all about you roflmao

  3. Lauren :) says:

    Could u try to fix it by any chance cuz i feel like im just gunna mess everything up if i try i’ll end up deleting our whole channel accidentally lol

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