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So we all have the ability to do high quality recording anywhere. A macbook, iPad, iPhone or iPod is capable of become a great DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Every Mac comes with a easy to learn DAW called Garageband. People and using garageband to record and sell there own songs.

I started doing this back in 2004 I did a song collaboration with a girl from Colorado named Annie. We never met in person and all we did was send mp3 back and forth. The song was posted on a home recording share site and was downloaded thousands of times.

So I’m thinking if anyone wants to try doing some audio recording at home let me know. We can get together for a few hours and I’ll show you all the tips and tricks and I can even loan you a multitrack audio interface that can be used to record vocals and guitar. All you need is a Mac or iOS device with a copy of garageband


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13 Responses to Bedroom / Studio

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Steve! This is too funny because I was just suggesting to Elle that she do some recordings at home. I have a H2 recorder just like yours, but know nothing about garage band. Maybe the two of us could get a lesson from you on it 🙂

    • isteve says:

      That’d be great. Let me know when you’re free. Mac, PC or iThing?

      The H2 does a lot of cool things like compression and limiters. It also can be used as a mic when recording with a computer.

      • Sarah says:

        I can bring my laptop. Elle and I both have the iPod touch as well.

      • Sarah says:

        Oh and Sundays work for me

      • isteve says:

        Sunday works for me. I’ll bring my iPod. I have Peavey Amp kit Link, it’s a cheap analog interface it plugs into a ipod headphone/line jack and lets you plug a guitar, bass or I guess cello in. You can then record using the garageband amp and effect sims. You can have it if you want … if I can find it.

        You have a Mac or Windows laptop? I have a copy of Cubase LE for Windows, that came with a interface I bought.

  2. Sarah says:

    I have windows. Let me know what time, maybe we could do this before Elle’s lesson?

    • isteve says:

      Anytime is good for me. I’m free all day till 4pm.

      Do you and elle have garageband on your iPods yet? Besides doing multitrack recording it has a lot of fun features.

  3. Sarah says:

    no, do we just download it off of the appstore? I can show up as early as 10 with Elle this Sunday if you want. I would do later but I have my own band practice to atten that afternoon.

  4. Lauren :) says:

    hey stevo with nemo hanging out in southampton are still having music? cuz i know all activities in the school are cancelled so is it even ok if we use the school?

  5. Lauren :) says:

    yeah im busy saturday to maybe middle of the day of sunday

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