Busy Sunday… Or Not

Sunday looks to be a busy day for music. I start with Elle (11:30) we are going to record her vocals for her song Time (tic toc). I’m going to use it in this years school quidditch video. Then 12 nicole, maybe go over sympathy for the devil? Also new guitar girl audrey sp? she’s already a very good guitar player heard her play teen sprit. Plays Nirvana can’t get cooler then that. Then at 2:15 Jay and possibly lauren 2:30.

Oh and Mike will be there sometime maybe with his pick punch. Also Mr.T may be in the building and stop by to hear some noise.

Jaylynn couldn’t make sunday so we did saturday. Lauren is busy till 4 so that still may happen.

The good news we did record elle’s song and I’ll post it after some mixing.

As fo Mike don’t know..

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12 Responses to Busy Sunday… Or Not

  1. Lauren101 says:

    Hey so this weekend wat time is good for music?

  2. Lauren101 says:

    Yeah can you do sunday at 430?

  3. Michael Janik says:

    Are you still doing 4:30 with Lauren and her dad? If so I can make it.

  4. Bubbles:) says:

    Hey Steve if u finish the video without us I wanted the clip of just me saying “u mess with the bling u get the ka Ching” part cut out I look stupid in it. Thanks

  5. Bubbles:) says:

    The quidditch

  6. Bubbles:) says:

    I meant to say the quidditch video is what I meant in the first comment but u probably already knew that I’m stupid,wow derp haha ok I’m done now. Haha

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