Still Alive!!!

This weekend Elle, Nicki and I will be trying Still Alive the song made popular by gamers who finished Portal. The song was written by Jonathan Coulton. Here is a video of Coulton doing the song at PAX a few years ago. He is accompanied by geek princess Felicia Day, I remember her from Buffy.

Other then Nicole, I realize you probably have no idea who or what Jonathan Coulton, Felicia Day, Portal, PAX or Buffy are. Enjoy the video.

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18 Responses to Still Alive!!!

  1. Sarah (Elle's Mom) says:

    I like it

  2. Bubbles:) says:

    Hey Steve what time are niki and Eleanor coming? I could ask my dad if I can come too.

    • isteve says:

      Eleanor comes at 11:30 nicole usually 12. But I think it’d be cool is you came at 1:30 with Jaylynn. She plays bass mainly but today we’re doing guitar, going to learn the gone,gone,gone song. Next week we’ll be jamming with lauren and her dad. If you learn the song too and can make it next week you could jam with us also. It’a always fun to play with a singer and drummer.

      Does your dad want to jam with us sometime?

  3. Lauren101 says:

    Hey stevo this weekend is sunday or saturday better for u for music??

  4. Bubbles:) says:

    Kk I’m pretty much open all day ill keep watchin fr Lauren have fun!

    • isteve says:

      Just got back , little cool up north.

      I emailed jaylynn and asked if she would text lauren.

      • isteve says:

        So lauren and her dad can’t make it till 4:30. Jaylynn will be there a little earlier to set up and go over the song.

        Does that work for you audrey? If the time is ok try getting there at 4:15 to tune up and practice.

  5. Bubbles:) says:

    I will most likely be there.

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