Happy Cinco de Mayo

So what’s up for May 5, music. 11:.30 Lauren, Jaylynn and maybe Tom will try to make it for that elusive video shoot. Fingers crossed.

Then at 1 Audrey, “who is going to be a killer guitar player” and I will get together for a lesson.

Eleanor is busy that day and don’t know about nicole.

Then it’s jam in holyoke time. Paul if you read this let me know if you can make it?

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10 Responses to Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. Bubbles:) says:

    Hey steveo can we do a recording or video or something mr.chambian wants to see us play and share it with the class

  2. Tanyaisstillinnocent says:

    Steve and Paul…..

    2:00 Sunday in Holyoke. Hope to see you there.

    Steve—would like to record if you are up to it…

  3. Bubbles:) says:

    Heeyyyyy do u want me to bring electric or acoustic or does it matter

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