Silly Alligator

So here is Audrey’s first video appearance. At the end is us playing with lauren, jaylynn and tom. It seems audrey and I were in the wrong place… you’ll see what I mean.

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5 Responses to Silly Alligator

  1. Bubbles:) says:

    Haha that’s awesome!!!!!!!! We really were in the wrong place lol. Can’t wait to share it with everyone! We are the silliest alligators!

  2. Bubbles:) says:

    This is awesome!!! It turned out amazing thanks!! Although we really were in the wrong place

    • Bubbles:) says:

      Crap I posted the first one then it said it didn’t post when it really did the silly alligator computer

      • isteve says:

        It’s been that kind of day.

        Next week we’ll make a video with elle and we can make sure we’re in the video. 😀

  3. Eleanor says:

    Audrey u and I shall do many nirvana songs!!! P.s you’re a silly alligator and I’m a waffle

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